Dr. Yosef Tekeste


 Dr. Tekeste is a compasionate, highly skilled optometrist who truly cares about his patients and takes great pride in his work. He graduated form the prestigious State University of New York college of Optometry (New York, NY) in 2002 (with internship at the Brooklyn VA Hospital and Travis Air Force Hospital). He served as an Active Duty Army Eye Doctor (2002-2005) in various parts of the world with a diversified patient population. After separating from the Army, he worked as the Chief of Optometry Services at the Bangor Naval Health Clinic before he started in private practice. He was also an Adj. Assistant Clinical Professor at the Pacific University College of Optometry.

Dr. Tekeste has extensive experience diagnosing and treating significant cases of ocular diseases, co-managing cataract and laser eye surgeries, handling difficult contact lens fitting and, of more importance, early detecting and vision training kids to reduce learning difficulties. He is a strong advocate of preventive health, educating and empowering patients to control their general health quality.