Our new clinic is equipped with the state-of-the art equipment to facilitate with care of your medical eye conditions and allow us to provide you with quality and comprehensive eye care. Previous eye exam records from the vision center in the federal way will be kept in the new facility. 

Octopus Visual Field  Analyzer:

For managing visual field changes due 

to glaucoma, macular degenerations,

 and other optic nerve and retinal 


Leika Non Contact Tono-meter:

To measure eye pressure

(risk factor for glaucoma)

with out putting any eye drop

Topcon Corneal Topographer:

 for corneal mapping to identify any

 corneal irregularity like keratoconus,

 facilitate in fitting patients with irregular

cornea with contact lenses, and determine

laser eye surgery candidates.


Tomey Corneal Pachymeter

to measure corneal thickness (crucial in

determining accuracy of glaucoma 

measurement and deciding the appropriate laser surgery procedure)


Frame Display:

we carry a variety of designer eyeglass

frames (including Versace, Gucci, Cole 

Haan, Coach, Prada, Ray ban, Armani,



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